Case Management

Why use case management?

Case management is a service which provides:

  • Evaluation of needs
  • Plan of action to address those needs
  • Source of information or referral for possible in-home services
  • Coordination of community-based, long-term care are services with different providers
  • Follow up to ensure the level of service is adequate and appropriate for needs

Case Management offers a sense of relief for individuals or family members who may not be familiar with resources or services which can be accessed.

It provides a link between professionals and their patients or clients. A Case Manager is able to create and coordinate care plans for individuals so it is possible to remain in the home and independent.

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone who resides in Shawnee, Jefferson, or Douglas counties
  • Is over the age of 60
  • And has limitations in the ability to function independently

Who should use it?

  • Medical professionals, both local and out-of-town
  • Family members who may or may not be available to assist with the coordination of services
  • Individuals who are not able to determine and locate necessary services by themselves
  • Anyone concerned about the physical, emotional, financial, or nutritional status of an older adult

Who pays for this service?

There is no charge associated with this service. Federal and state funds have been designated for this service.

What about other resources?

JAAA has access to a wide array of community resources for referral to our customers.

How is this service accessed?

Call the JAAA at (785) 235-1367 and ask to speak with our Information Specialist. An appointment can be made at that time to meet with an individual in the home, if that is necessary.