Board of Directors

 Executive Director:  Susan Harris

Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging Board of Directors consists of 9 representatives from our planning and service area of Jefferson, Shawnee, and Douglas counties.

The role of the JAAA Board of Directors is to:

  • Evaluate the Executive Director annually and make decisions regarding hiring/firing Executive Director
  • Adopt a mission statement for JAAA, and revise it as deemed necessary or as circumstances warrant
  • Establish by-laws for the Board of Directors and revise as deemed necessary
  • Establish policies to guide the agency, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Director, and alter these as necessary
  • Ensure adequate funding for the operation of the agency
  • Exercise prudence in the control of funds
  • Engage in long-term or strategic planning for JAAA
  • Evaluate the functioning of the Board as a Board, and as needed, take steps to improve it.

The JAAA Board member is expected to:

  • Know and support JAAA’s mission, purpose, goals, policies, programs, and services
  • Attend board and committee meetings
  • Prepare for and actively participate in board and committee meetings
  • Faithfully read and endeavor to understand JAAA’s financial statements
  • Serve on at least one committee and accept leadership positions when asked
  • Maintain confidentiality of Board executive decisions
  • Acknowledge hat all power rests with the full board, not individual board members
  • Support the Executive Director
  • Maintain proper relationship with staff
  • Represent JAAA in your community and bring concerns of the elderly back to JAAA
  • Expand knowledge about JAAA and the field of aging in order o be an advocate for the needs of the elderly
  • Assist with Agency with fund-raising through personal influence with others and participating in fund-raising events and activities
  • Suggest possible nominees to the Board

JAAA Board of Directors

Douglas County–2 Members City of Lawrence–1 Member Jefferson County–3 Members Shawnee County–2 Members City of Topeka–1 Members
Ernest Dyer Gary Hale, Secretary Gary Fowler Cyrene Holt, Treasurer Karel Ramsey, Chair
Seat Open Jo Cross Kevin Garner
Susan Warriner, Vice Chair