Advisory Council

The advisory council is a group of 11 individuals whose role is to help keep the JAAA Board of Directors and Executive Director informed of aging issues and concerns within the communities served by JAAA.  The Advisory Council member is a link between the organization and the community, their responsibility is to carry information both ways between JAAA and the community.  It is expected that Advisory Council member swill prepare for, attend, and participate in monthly meetings.  The Advisory Council has committees to facilitate the work of the group.  Council members are expected to actively participate in the committee work.

JAAA counts on Advisory Council members to bring community information regarding aging issues to the attention of JAAA.  On of the preferred qualifications of Advisory Council members is an interest in and knowledge of community concerns.  The Advisory Council makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.  The council does not get involved in Board issues that affect policy or finances, or in the daily operations of the work or personnel of the agency.  Some of the duties of the council include examining ways to address local aging concerns, making recommendations o the Board of Directors, representing JAAA at other meetings regarding aging issues, determining funding allocations to other agencies, and helping to plan the future of JAAA.

The Advisory Council is expected to:

  • Advise the Board of Directors concerning policies and programs that affect older persons in Douglas, Jefferson, and Shawnee Counties
  • To promote the ability of older persons to secure and maintain a high degree of independence and dignity in their community
  • To keep elected officials and the public aware of aging issues and services available to older persons by legislative contact, public presentations, and media promotions
  • Hold at least one public forum per year in ach county to determine needs of older persons
  • Review/comment on all community policies, programs, and actions
  • Review/comment on the Area Plan and revisions to the Area Plan before submittal to the Kansas Department on Aging and Disability Services
  • To perform such other duties as requested by the Board of Directors

JAAA Advisory Council